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Cookies are text files containing minimal information sent to the browser and stored on the user's computer, phone or other device, each time a website is visited. At each connection, cookies send information to the reference site.
Cookies can be permanent (persistent cookies) if they remain on the computer until the user deletes them, or temporary (session cookies) if they are disabled when the browser is closed. Cookies can also be first-party cookies if selected from the visited site, or share-party cookies if inserted from a site other than the one visited.

Come on let's use cookies

Use cookies to improve the functionality of our site, allow the user to move easily between pages, remember his recommendations and to ensure the user always optimal navigation.
Cookies created and their purposes
The cookies used on our site can be cataloged as follows (see the guide to cookies prepared by the ICC, International Chamber of Commerce):
The indispensable cookies
These cookies are essential to allow the user to move around the site and use the requested services, such as accessing the protected areas of the site.
Essential cookies are first-party cookies and can be permanent or temporary. Use this type of cookie to manage the registration and access phase by users. Without these cookies the user would not be able to access some of the requested services and our site would not function properly.

Performance cookies

Performance cookies collect information on the use of a site by users, such as which pages are visited most frequently. These cookies do not store identification data of individual visitors, but only aggregate and anonymous data.
We use these cookies for statistical purposes, to understand how our site is used.
These cookies can be permanent or temporary, first or reserved parts. In essence, these cookies collect information first on the pages visited and on the recorded advertisements.

Functionality cookies

These cookies are offered to the site to remember the choices of visitors (e.g. username, language, etc.) and provide more personalized features. Functionality cookies are also used to provide services requested by the user, such as access to inserting a comment to an article. The information used by these cookies is anonymous and it is not possible to track users' browsing on other sites.
We use these cookies to:

  • remember if a particular service has already been provided to the user (e.g. user login);
  • improve the general experience on the site by remembering user preferences.

These cookies can be permanent or temporary, of first or particular parts. In essence, these cookies remember the individual choices made by users to improve their browsing experience.

Advertising cookies

These cookies are typically used to limit the rules of an advertisement by the user and to calculate the count of clicks on individuals. These cookies are technical cookies.
However, banners almost always record the so-called profiling cookies.
Advertising cookies are placed by third parties, such as advertisers and their agents and can be permanent or temporary, technical or profiling. In practice, these are cookies connected to advertising services provided by third parties.

Profiling cookies

Some cookies can be used to monitor and profile users while browsing, study their web browsing and consumption movements and habits (what they buy, what they read, etc.), also for the purpose of sending advertising of targeted and personalized services. (so-called behavioral advertising). We speak in this case of profiling cookies.
The website does not use profiling cookies; these cookies may be present in services offered by third parties (for example in YouTube videos or in the button for Paypal offers). As for these cookies of interested parties, follow the respective links, provided at the bottom of the page, to read the information of the suppliers of these services and to set the preferences related to their cookies.

Other third party cookies

Some pages of our site may be content of services such as Twitter, G +, YouTube or Facebook. We do not control the cookies used by these services, so we invite the user to access the site of these third parties for the appropriate information.


In addition to what is indicated in this document, the User can manage preferences relating to Cookies directly within his browser and prevent - for example - that third parties can install them. Through the browser preferences it is also possible to delete the cookies installed in the past, including the cookie in which the consent to the installation of cookies by this site is eventually saved.

It is important to note that by disabling all cookies, the operation of this site may be partially compromised or in any case the use of some services provided may be devoid of any convenience. As for third-party cookies, these can be safely disabled (recommended). Browsing the pages of this site, having disabled third-party cookies in your browser preferences, even taking advantage of services such as youtube videos incorporated in our pages, no profiling cookies and no cookies belonging to external services will be recorded on your device.

You can find information on how to manage cookies in your browser at the following addresses: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Windows Explorer.

To disable the use of profiling cookies related to google adsense advertisements on this and other sites visit the page: Google ads setting

To permanently disable Google profiling cookies, you can install a plug-in (available for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome browsers): Google plugin for the permanent deactivation of doubleclik cookies.

In the case of services provided by third parties, the User can also exercise his right to object to tracking by inquiring through the third party's privacy policy, through the opt out link if explicitly provided or by contacting the same directly.

Links to know and disable third party service cookies that may be present on these pages:

By continuing to browse this site, users consent to the use of cookies and similar technologies online by us in order to make the browsing experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible and to provide all the services on the site.

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