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Company at a glance

Henry Coanda Labs is 100% owned subsidiary of Santos-Dumont Aeronautique Récherche Inc. Henry Coanda Labs are headquartered in Delaware and stand for innovation, quality, industry-leading technologies developed in-house.

It is a startup which is assuming a global dimension with local units and/or cooperations in USA, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Romania. It is assuming the role of one of the world's leading realities in fluid-dynamics innovation and R&D. 


Henry Coanda Labs  is shaping the future of fluid-dynamics and transforming our customers’ order fulfilment and production operations to achieve maximum efficiency, flexibility and response time. Our Industry 4.0 innovative systems mean our solutions are always future-ready. By understanding and analyzing your data, we optimize the performance of your fluid related products. Our range of services includes: consulting, concept studies, project implementation,customer service,cutting-edge technologies and software, all tailored to the specific requirements of your business and your products.


We are starting delivering to the market new innovative industrial aeronautic solutions in the field of nano unmanned aeronautics. For the necessity of this business our marketing team as revived two important brand of the aeronautic history, and we expect that the can revive one century after their fundation. 

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